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a graduate of Kennesaw State University and Georgia Career Institute, is a dedicated professional to and for her art.  Born and raised in Miami, Florida [1980] Martin was exposed to an eclectic mix of cultural experiences that would birth a greater sense of creativity and purpose.  Attending magnet schools and utilizing performing arts programs she began to build the foundations for her now exemplary skills and abilities.  Though Miami was all she knew, she would have to make a change in order to fulfill her promise of prosperity.

In 1993, at the age of 13, Stevie and her family were forced to relocate to the Atlanta Metro area after the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew.  But, unwilling to play the victim, she quickly acclimated herself to her abrupt change in venue.  Her ability to adapt thru precarious situations and to excel under pressure allowed Stevie to first find, then cultivate her niche as she began working in a local salon while still a teen.  No stranger to hard work and diligence she worked her way from a shampoo assistant to a stylist and continued to hone her skills throughout undergrad and thereafter.

As an apprentice and/or professionally, Stevie has worked for the following companies: Sirrah House, NuBiance Hair Studio, InVisions Hair Studio, T. Oliver Hair Studio, De Amar Salon & Spa, and M.A.C. Cosmetics.  She has also been the feature artist for The Weather Channel [First Outlook & Your Weather Today] and WSB Channel 2 News in Atlanta.  She also works as a freelance makeup artist for CNN Atlanta.  Her work is a testament to the raw talent, creativity, and ability that she possesses.  As a seasoned hair stylist and accomplished make-up artist, Martin has developed an unparalleled gift as she puts her talents to use, transforming ordinary into extraordinary.   As a licensed cosmetologist, Stevie plans to utilize all of her skills developed through various occupational explorations and take DiME.LLC to new levels.  With her faith in God and commitment to integrity, outreach, and her tireless efforts to grow she endeavors to allow God to use her in new ways and bless others through her work.

With an expressive and unique imagination and an insatiable yearning for perfection, Stevie desires to not only highlight your features and mend your blemishes, but to ultimately illuminate the magnificent woman inside…simply divine…a DiViNE MeTaMoRpHoSiS!
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